We're joining forces with VIKER to bring Bitcoin gaming to the masses

By ZEBEDEE   •   a year ago

Every now and then, a partnership opportunity comes along that just makes sense in every way. That's how we felt when we met the guys from VIKER – one of the leading studios in Play-and-Earn mobile gaming. They were already seeing success with their games without Bitcoin. But now, we've joined forces to take it to the next level with in-game sat rewards.

One of our main goals with the ZEBEDEE platform was to make it easy for game devs to integrate Bitcoin into their games. So it was extremely validating to see VIKER going from our initial conversation, to launching their first ZEBEDEE-powered game, Wheel of Trivia, in just about two weeks. Of course, this is also a testament to the quality of the VIKER team – these guys execute at an extreme clip and we just did our best to support their pace of progress.

To date, VIKER has already launched three games on ZEBEDEE, with two more planned until the end of the year.

This is how we start bringing Bitcoin gaming to billions

The reason we're so excited about our partnership with VIKER is that their games are so simple, anyone can play them – and earn Bitcoin – instantly. Their slogan is "if you've got a finger and a smartphone, you can earn with VIKER games." We love that.

On the other side of the equation is our own focus on creating the easiest possible on-ramp into Bitcoin with the ZEBEDEE app. It really is the simplest way to get onboarded into crypto.

To make it even simpler, we worked with VIKER to make their games the first to make use of the ZBD Gamertag payment flow – there are no more QR codes involved. You simply write your Gamertag into VIKER's games and press withdraw. That's it. The Bitcoin just appears in your ZEBEDEE app.

So far, our partnership is already working wonders and taking VIKER's games to the next level – they've seen their Return On Ad Spend increase by over 40% across games and geographies, and significantly more in some places (looking at you, Brazil). Retention metrics have increased across the board compared to their non-Bitcoin titles as well. Why is this important for gamers? If you want Play-and-Earn games to exist and pay people rewards in actual Bitcoin, those games need to do well themselves and turn a profit. So far, so good!

Earn Bitcoin with VIKER games now

Thanks for taking the time to read this post – as you can see, we're pretty excited about this partnership and wanted to tell you a bit about it. But now, it's time for the good stuff:

New by VIKER

  • Solitaire – A quick and easy solo card game we’ve been addicted to for decades (iOS/Android)
  • Sudoku – A fun numbers puzzle that’s will test your brainpower (iOS/Android)
  • Missing Letters – Similar to Wordle, which recently took the world by storm (iOS/Android)
This post was updated in March 2023.

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