ZBD Quests: Work together for increased rewards

ZBD Quests: Work together for increased rewards


One of the wonderful things about Bitcoin gaming with ZEBEDEE is that you don’t always have to beat the other guy to win the prize. Unlike traditional esports where only the best get paid, ZBD Games let everyone get some sweet Bitcoin. To promote this spirit of cooperation, we’re introducing ZBD Quests!

ZBD Quests give our entire community the chance to get increased rewards by working together. Every week, we will post a quest (basically a challenge) for the entire community. If you guys complete it, we will increase rewards in ZBD mobile games the next week.

What's this week's quest?
Visit ZBD Play on Twitter to find out and join in!

You may have gotten a taste of ZBD reward matching before during Holiday Double Trouble. Now, we’re going to send you additional rewards all the time, if you earn it with Quests, that is. The rewards in games won’t actually change, but you’ll get a second transaction from ZEBEDEE every time you withdraw from a supported game to the ZEBEDEE app.

A little confusing? Let us break it down step by step.

  1. On Monday, we post a new Quest on our new ZBD Play Twitter and in our Discord.
  2. We count the stats of everyone using ZBD together to see if you completed the Quest. This is about the whole community working together.
  3. If the Quest was successful, rewards are increased the next week. If it fails, rewards stay the same.
  4. Every first Monday of the month, rewards get reset. But you don’t always have to start from zero – if you finish all the Quests, we may give you a bonus to start the month stronger!

ZBD Quests can be things strictly related to playing a game, like:
Collect 100K bananas in SaruTobi for +5% rewards (on all platforms)

Or it can be related to the wider ZBD Ecosystem, like:
Reach 30K transactions with the ZBD Discord Bot for +8% rewards (across all servers that have the bot)

Work together to stack rewards!

Every week is a new opportunity for increased rewards. And it keeps adding up throughout the month!

This week’s Quest reward

Total rewards if successful









Keep in mind that these are additional rewards you will receive in the ZEBEDEE app. So this is literally more free Bitcoin on top of existing free Bitcoin.

Which games will get increased rewards?

ZBD Quests will get you increased rewards in most ZEBEDEE-powered mobile games. We’ll be expanding this list soon, but for now, it’s:

  • SaruTobi – Swing a flying monkey on his vine and fling him through the air collecting Bitcoin and bananas. (iOS/Android)
  • Lightning Crush – The goal is to match the tiles of the same color in three or more lines to crush them and reach the next level. (Android)
  • Balls King – Super satisfying brick-breaker game where you crush blocks with balls. It provides endless entertainment across hundreds of levels. (iOS/Android)
  • Wheel of Crypto – Crypto-themed trivia quiz! Answer correctly and earn Bitcoin with your knowledge. (iOS/Android)
  • Wheel of Trivia – Answer popular quiz questions correctly to unlock items and get rewarded for your knowledge!  (iOS/Android)

Keep in mind that you will only get extra rewards if you’re using the ZEBEDEE app and withdrawing to your Gamertag. So don’t forget to input your Gamertag when you’re playing SaruTobi!

How do I get started with Quests?

First of all, you’ll need the ZEBEDEE app. It’s the only wallet that will get you extra rewards. Other than that, just keep an eye on the ZBD Play Twitter and our Discord to find out what this week’s Quest is.

Then do your best to do what the Quest says. If it’s about playing a game, just play and it’ll count towards the Quest automatically. If it’s about getting more transactions with the ZBD Bot, make it rain sats in our Discord. If it’s about getting more people on Twitter, invite your friends.

So get the ZEBEDEE app, finish some Quests, have fun and enjoy the rewards!

What's the first ZBD Quest?

Glad you asked, the first one is VERY simple. We just launched a brand new Twitter account called ZBD Play. The first quest is:
+10% rewards if @ZBD_Play gets to 1000 followers this week!

This post was updated in September 2022.