Wheel of Trivia – Put your knowledge to the test to earn Bitcoin

Trivia fans, get rewarded for your knowledge! Now earn Bitcoin for playing your favorite wheel-spinning game.

By ZEBEDEE   •   4 months ago

Wheel of Trivia is a casual mobile game by VIKER Games where you spin a wheel and answer questions to earn more and more Bitcoin. It’s a nail-biting combination of knowledge, skill and a little bit of sheer luck. Show off your encyclopedic knowledge and go full Einstein on the game. Available for Android and iOS.

🎡 Play Wheel of Trivia and show Wiki who’s boss

  • A brain-testing mobile game available for Android and iOS
  • Spin the wheel and give the right answers to win
  • Earn real Bitcoin and withdraw it to your ZEBEDEE app anytime

Show your brain power

To find more info about Wheel of Trivia and other ZEBEDEE games where you can earn Bitcoin and plenty of exciting events, you need just one thing: the ZEBEDEE app. Download it now and launch yourself into the ZEBEDEE Universe.

This post was updated in March 2023.

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