What is Play-and-Earn gaming?

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Playing games to earn money isn't a new concept in gaming. In fact, before the digital age, earning money used to be an integral part of playing games. Today, the very best gamers are employed as paid esports team members, commanding lucrative sponsorship agreements. Many more successfully monetize live streams by playing games on Twitch or YouTube. But the most exciting and fresh way to make money with games is playing games to earn Bitcoin in-game. This has recently become known as Play-and-Earn gaming.

Why is everyone talking about Play-and-Earn now?

The word about Play-and-Earn is spreading fast these days, but the concept is older than Bitcoin itself. You’ve probably heard of WoW farmers, who’ve been mining gold in World of Warcraft for more than 15 years. But they can’t directly buy anything in the real world (or other games) with their WoW gold. They have to go to a marketplace and sell their in-game gold for a currency they can use outside of WoW. Cryptocurrencies fix that. Well... some of them do.

Play-and-earn basically means that you play games and earn money while doing it.

Different approaches to Play-and-Earn in crypto

The Play-and-Earn concept is now getting more popular with blockchain technology. When Bitcoin was created in 2009, it started a massive paradigm shift in what we can do with money. Cryptocurrencies are money native to the digital world. They can be integrated into games in a way that traditional money simply cannot. But not all cryptocurrencies are created equal.

Step into the universe of blockchain gaming with ZBD.
Step into the universe of blockchain gaming with ZEBEDEE.

There are currently three main approaches to Play-and-Earn with crypto:

  1. NFT powered
  2. Token powered
  3. Bitcoin powered

Of these three, NFTs have definitely gotten the most hype and media attention over the past year. But what often gets lost in the hype is that NFTs are pretty hard to use for the average person and need to be sold on specialized marketplaces before you can extract their value. NFTs are great as digital items, but they are not money. So, when you play a game and earn NFTs, you've really only earned that item. It may turn out to be worth something, or it may not. Unfortunately, the stories of people making thousands or even millions selling NFTs are rarer than it seems. Most people end up holding a bag of worthless digital items.

Because NFTs are digital items, not money, many games that feature NFTs actually reward players with a different form of crypto – tokens. Axie Infinity, for example, rewards players with Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. But tokens are often tied to the success of that one game and their price depends on more and more new players coming in, swelling demand. You can earn quite a bit with tokens, but you need to get in and out during the right parts of the market cycle. Get in early and cash out at the top.

One-year price chart for Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

The problem is, most people will get in late and never make significant returns on their tokens, or sometimes even cash out at a loss. You can avoid being one of those people by doing proper research and staying on top of trends around tokens and Play-and-Earn games, but then you're not really playing a game. You're speculating on the market. Might as well just be a trader. What's more, you can't really spend tokens to buy goods and and pay for services. You need to send them to an exchange, trade them for Bitcoin or fiat money, then spend that. Until you do, you haven't really "earned" any money from the game, because you're not sure how much you'll be able to get for your tokens.

One-year price chart for Bitcoin (BTC).

Then there's Bitcoin-powered Play-and-Earn gaming. This is different for two reasons:

  1. Bitcoin already is money – you can instantly spend it online or at a huge number of stores without converting it to another currency.
  2. Bitcoin's price is not tied to any one game, company, person or product. You can't exactly call Bitcoin's price stable, but you mostly know what you're going to get with it. The price moves all the time, but not as drastically as with smaller tokens and there's practically no chance of a total collapse. Basically, a token can potentially come with a high reward, but always comes with high risk. With Bitcoin, you won't get a sudden +1000% price increase, but you also won't see the price suddenly collapse to (almost) nothing.

The beauty of earning Bitcoin in games is that it's not directly tied to the game itself. When you earn Bitcoin by playing, you're not really speculating on the market like you are with tokens or NFTs. And you don't need to go through any steps to exchange it for other currencies before you can spend it online. And our favorite part – if different games pay you the same currency (Bitcoin), then you can just have one wallet where you accumulate your earnings from all the games. Then you can use that same wallet to buy stuff with what you earned by playing!

Play and Earn Bitcoin with ZEBEDEE

Are you ready to start playing for Bitcoin? All you'll need to get started is the ZEBEDEE app. It's your portal to Bitcoin gaming, where you can discover games, events and guides. It also functions as a powerful Bitcoin Lightning wallet, accepting transactions of any size (even as small as a fraction of a cent) with near-zero fees. The ZEBEDEE app also comes with tons of essential tools for gamers and streamers, like the ability to collect Bitcoin tips on your live streams or Twitter. This is the one tool you'll need to start earning Bitcoin in games!

Play mobile games to earn Bitcoin.
Which mobile game will you play to earn Bitcoin?

Try out some Bitcoin-powered mobile games to earn sats and turn your unproductive free time occupation into a money-making side hustle.

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We’ve also developed a product for more serious gamers: ZBD Infuse. It puts Bitcoin into one of the most popular FPS games – Counter Strike: Global Offensive. With ZBD Infuse, you can now put your skills to the test in the CS:GO battlefield and earn free Bitcoin as you outplay your competition. How can it be free Bitcoin? We get companies like Bitstamp to sponsor our servers, so you can literally start playing for free and withdraw Bitcoin. There's no catch, no special skills needed.

To start playing CS:GO for Bitcoin, all you need to do is get our desktop app ZBD Infuse. Simply download it, log in with your Steam account and you’re all ready to start playing to earn Bitcoin. How awesome is that?

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This post was updated in November 2022.

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