What is MintGox?

What is MintGox?


Everything your need to know about MintGox

Once every month, the Bitcoin gaming community gathers at a single event on the internet to:

  • Play Bitcoin games and win prizes from featured tournaments
  • Tune into discussions about Bitcoin gaming from the people building the ecosystem
  • Get a sneak peek into what the future of Bitcoin gaming has in store

We call it MintGox, or Magic Internet Gathering to use its full name.

What are Bitcoin Games?
Bitcoin games are a variety of different games that have Bitcoin, the native currency of the internet, incorporated in the gameplay in one way or another. What you do in games actually matters, whether that’s collecting coins or outperforming your opponents, because it directly translates to real value.

Play Bitcoin games

MintGox is first and foremost a fun event where everyone gets the chance to play a variety of Bitcoin games for fun, or compete in tournaments to take home substantial prizes in Bitcoin. We’re talking about games that range from casual mobile games to highly-competitive esports.

Casual mobile games
Try SaruTobi, where you swing a little monkey on a vine to fling him towards low-hanging bananas (and Bitcoin!).

Fun desktop games for the whole family
Race in Bitcoin Rally, an arcade racing game like Mario Kart, where your driving skills matter just as much as your ability to use on-track powerups and hazards.

Highly-competitive esports
Test your aim in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a staple of the FPS genre updated with Bitcoin, so your score now actually has real value!

CS:GO, Bitcoin Rally, SaruTobi, Wheel of Trivia
Choose among a variety of different games.

For a full list of available Bitcoin games, visit MintGox.

Win and take home Bitcoin prizes

Every month, forward-thinking companies who share our vision of a shining-bright future for Bitcoin gaming, chip in with huge sponsorships, allowing us to give out substantial prizes for events held across different games.

The competitions we hold vary from month to month, so make sure you follow MintGox on social media never to miss an event where you feel you could take on anyone. For some games, like Bitcoin Rally, you need to qualify in advance for a chance to make it to Sunday’s race, and with other games, like CS:GO, it’s first come first served.

Follow live coverage on stream and play as a viewer?!

Tune into the MintGox stream on Twitch to see every game in action, accompanied by commentary of ZEBEDEE’s head game designers and exciting guests from the world of gaming and Bitcoin. Join the MintGox Discord to take part in the discussion.

While watching the stream, you can actually influence the gameplay in real time! Take Bitcoin Rally, for example, where you can drop powerups or hazards on track to mess with the players or help out your hero to victory. Simply fire up your ZEBEDEE Mobile Wallet and dish out a couple of Sats to make your “gift” pop up in game. Play god, but be careful, as too many drops can lead to unexpected events…

A Bitcoin Rally championship at one of the previous MintGox.

Get a sneak peek of new games

Our guys also reach out to new game developers and give you a preview of the games in the making right now. See new concept art, hear about amazing mechanics and get a feel for games in development live on stream. If you want to get your game featured too, reach out to us at info@zebedee.io and we’ll be happy to slot your baby (or Frankenstein) into the next MintGox!

Whether a gamer, game developer, Bitcoin enthusiast or just someone interested in dipping their feet into gaming of the future, join us at the next MintGox and experience it here and now!