Intro to the ZEBEDEE Wallet – Your portal into Bitcoin gaming

The ZEBEDEE Wallet is a super fast and completely free Bitcoin wallet. But more than that, it’s your gateway into Bitcoin gaming and an essential tool that’s with you at every step of your gaming journey.

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The ZEBEDEE Mobile Wallet is the essential tool you'll need to start playing games for free Bitcoin, participating in Bitcoin-powered esports events or collecting Bitcoin tips on your live streams. But one thing at a time.

"The ZEBEDEE wallet ushers in a new era of gaming that blends in-game scores and currencies with Bitcoin – a real-world currency used worldwide."

If you're already sold, get ZEBEDEE and start gaming for Bitcoin. If you'd like to learn more about it, read on.

What is the ZEBEDEE Wallet?

We call it ZEBEDEE or the ZEBEDEE app now, but when at first, it was a mobile app (and browser extension) that allows you to easily send and receive Bitcoin and manage your Bitcoin holdings. Since it’s based on the Lightning Network, the transactions carry fees as low as one Satoshi (1 Sat is approximately 0.0005 USD) and are actually free between ZEBEDEE users!

But the ZEBEDEE wallet is so much more than just another custodial Bitcoin wallet – it’s your portal into Bitcoin gaming and will accompany you throughout the ZEBEDEE ecosystem. Whether you’re playing games, streaming or watching someone else’s stream, or simply chatting away in Discord, the ZEBEDEE wallet is where Bitcoin enters the picture.

Not just a Lightning wallet – A new way to go about gaming
Not just a Lightning wallet – A new way to go about gaming

Play games to earn free Bitcoin

The ZEBEDEE wallet plugs you into the Bitcoin gaming ecosystem. The most basic component of that is the ability to send Bitcoin to and from games and to other gamers. The wallet will work with any Bitcoin-powered game simply by scanning QR codes to withdraw Bitcoin or send it into the game.

The prizes you win reach your wallet instantly and you can withdraw them whenever you like. Not only that, Bitcoin-powered games offer a lot of innovative game mechanics. For example, in Bitcoin Rally, the audience can drop power ups on the track while watching the live stream!

Try it out at MintGox, our monthly esports event, where we put Bitcoin gaming into action and your skills to the test. Or get ZEBEDEE Infuse and start playing CS:GO for Bitcoin right now!

Collect winnings from games or participate as a viewer
Collect winnings from games or participate as a viewer

Send and receive Bitcoin anytime and anywhere

Besides the gaming-focused features, our wallet also has traditional wallet functionalities – sending and receiving payments on the Lightning Network. We wanted to make this aspect of the crypto wallet really simple to use and intuitive enough so anyone can jump right in even if you know next-to-nothing about Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. You don’t need to worry about nodes, private or public keys or any other blockchain stuff – we take care of that for you. From signup to getting your first Sats, it's all as simple as it gets!

But there’s more! The ZEBEDEE wallet is packed with unique features, like the ability to send messages and GIFs along with your transactions. Or the ability to create vouchers and send free Bitcoin to your friends to give them a Bitcoin Lightning head start!

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the ability to pair the ZEBEDEE wallet with other Bitcoin apps. For example, you can pair it with ZEBEDEE Bots for Discord and Telegram and make sending Bitcoin literally as easy as chatting. Check it out in our Discord or add our Bots to your own community.

Send and receive Bitcoin anywhere, including your favorite online community
Send and receive Bitcoin anywhere, including your favorite online community

The central hub for managing your profile and settings

Aside from being able to overview your recent activity and change settings related to the wallet itself, the ZEBEDEE wallet is also where you control your Gamertag.  This is your username in the ZEBEDEE ecosystem, but it also comes with a few unique features.

Each Gamertag comes with a static QR code anyone can use to pay you or request Bitcoin from you. You can set the lowest amount of Sats people can pay, write a custom message they get when sending you Sats, and customize your personal profile page that every ZEBEDEE user gets automatically.

At the moment, the profile page primarily hosts your QR code so anyone can find it when they want to shoot you a couple of Sats, but we’ll be adding more fun and customizable features to it as we go along. You can find yours at

Here’s what a profile page currently looks like
Here’s what a profile page currently looks like

Browser extension brings Bitcoin to within one click’s reach

Scanning a QR code with your phone to pay someone or trigger an in-game effect is easy and all, but we thought we could make it even easier. So we’ve built a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that basically functions just like our app, but now you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to get Bitcoin flowing. Just click on a QR code anywhere online instead and the extension window will pop up to handle the transaction.

All ZEBEDEE Wallet functionalities within one click’s reach

Install ZEBEDEE and take it for a spin yourself!

This post was updated in May 2023.

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