How casual mobile games by VIKER improved monetization up to +585%

After implementing with ZEBEDEE, VIKER games experienced impressive boosts in KPI across the board.

By ZEBEDEE   •   a month ago

As soon as VIKER, a games studio producing casual mobile games, partnered with ZEBEDEE to imbue their existing (and new) titles with our Bitcoin-powered player rewards tech, they saw immediate and impressive results in their KPIs, including a spectacular boost in monetization. Their secret? Sharing ad revenue with their users to keep them playing (and watching ads). And to make that idea a reality, they needed ZEBEDEE.

📈 How VIKER experienced an immediate KPI boost

  • Up to +585% increase in ARPDAU in key geographies
  • Up to +337% increase in ad impressions per DAU
  • Time from gaining access to first game going live was less than two weeks

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VIKER’s approach to the challenges in today’s gaming market

Making a mobile game with decent traction and profitability is extremely hard in today’s saturated market. VIKER was looking for new ways to stand out. The solution powered by ZEBEDEE is pretty simple, but surprisingly efficient: share some of your ad revenue with the player as a way to get them to play more, retain better and watch more ads.

To make that possible, they needed a payments system that allowed tiny transactions to be sent out instantly and at negligible cost. That’s where ZEBEDEE comes in. Our payments rails built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network provide an extremely cheap, flexible and global solution, and it’s exactly what VIKER was looking for.

After partnering with ZEBEDEE, VIKER went on to update their existing games with our payments tech to enable Bitcoin-rewarded play. The integration was completed in less than two weeks and transformed VIKER’s games almost immediately.

ZEBEDEE × VIKER – Bitcoin rewards in games.
VIKER splits its ad revenue with their players to fund their rewards.

Immediate and impressive results

The difference in key performance indicators was night and day.

The Average Revenue Per Daily Active User shot up significantly and stabilized at least 20% higher in all geographies for all integrated games, with the peaks reaching a spectacular +585% increase in ARPDAU.

“This has been one of the most efficient instant revenue maximizers we’ve ever seen. Our metrics on monetization, engagement and retention skyrocketed!”
— Dan Beasley, Founder & CEO at VIKER Games

Furthermore, the Ad View Rate stabilized at over 90%, the highest level occasionally achieved prior to implementation, eliminating under-performing days and showing that with Bitcoin rewards, users no longer skip ads. A similar observation can be made for every single tracked retention and monetization metric. But you'll have to get our full case study to find out more!

ZEBEDEE × VIKER – Wheel of Trivia stats.
Wheel of Trivia is a casual quiz game with the promise of real rewards.

More details in our case study

The improvements don’t end there, and we could go on – and we will. If you’re interested in finding out exactly how VIKER achieved this success and the full impact of the integration, we’ve written a clear and concise case study. Download the PDF below to find out more.

But if you think you’ve seen enough and and want to test ZEBEDEE for yourself, go ahead and open a free developer account now!

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This post was updated in April 2023.

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