Vestly – Crypto edutainment with real Bitcoin rewards

Vestly – Crypto edutainment with real Bitcoin rewards


ZEBEDEE offers a variety of games to satisfy a lot of different gaming enthusiasts. Now we’re adding something a little bit different, but no less exciting, to our collection: Introducing Vestly, an education app that teaches you about crypto, NFTs and stocks in a simple and satisfying way, and rewards you with Bitcoin as you learn!

📖 Learn and earn
Vestly guides you into the exciting world of crypto in a stress and risk-free way. Acquire knowledge and be rewarded for it!

Bringing fun into learning

Vestly is designed to make something tedious – learning about a difficult subject such as crypto and stocks – easy and fun. Through its series of lessons and stress-free tests, it lets anyone enter the world of crypto easily, with no technical skills and for free.

The app offers you 150+ different educational resources that will help you polish your knowledge. It then puts the theory to the test with a series of polls and quizzes, giving you proof of what you’ve learned.

No matter what your existing knowledge about these topics is, Vestly can help you improve it. If you’re just entering the world of crypto, you can start at the basics and make your way to a deeper understanding of digital finance.

Start learning the right way, and earn money while you’re at it!

Learn and earn

But Vestly isn’t just about equipping you with knowledge – it’s also about getting paid for learning! As you make your way through the subjects and pass the quizzes, Vestly rewards you with free Bitcoin, turning the pay-for-education model on its head. Everything you earn, you can withdraw immediately, thanks to the Lightning Network tech provided through ZEBEDEE.

You can also test your strategy before committing your own money to the market. With Vestly, you can dive into the markets with a simulated trading portfolio, allowing you to swim among crypto sharks and whales at no risk. There, you can use the knowledge you acquired to compete for top spots on leaderboards and get in for a chance to earn even more Bitcoin.

What's this?

Coming up
Vestly is currently only available on iOS, but the Android version is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

Learn about crypto with Vestly and earn Bitcoin.
You shouldn’t pay for education. Education should pay you.

To learn and earn with Vestly, download the ZEBEDEE app. There, you’ll find links to Vestly, as well as a number of other Bitcoin games to give your mind a rest and your fingers a workout after soaking up all that knowledge. You can also download Vestly directly from the App Store and begin your journey of becoming a crypto genius.