Sudoku – A numbers puzzle classic with Bitcoin

A fun numbers puzzle that will test your brainpower, now with Bitcoin.

By ZEBEDEE   •   4 months ago

Sudoku has been the go-to numbers challenge for decades. This new version by VIKER Games still tests your brainpower in exactly the same way, but now smart moves are rewarded with real Bitcoin. Enter numbers, complete lines and fill the grid to win. Available for Android and iOS.

Learn more about Sudoku (and two other releases) in our in-depth blog post.

🔢 Play Sudoku, crack the numbers and earn Bitcoin

  • A mobile numbers challenge available for Android and iOS
  • Use your logic skills to fill the grid
  • Earn real Bitcoin and withdraw it to your ZEBEDEE app anytime

Old Sudoku, new incentives

To find more info about Sudoku and other ZEBEDEE games where you can earn Bitcoin and plenty of exciting events, you need just one thing: the ZEBEDEE app. Download it now and launch yourself into the ZEBEDEE Universe.

This post was updated in March 2023.

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