Choose a game that pays – Solitaire by VIKER with real Bitcoin rewards

Play Solitaire by VIKER and earn up to 15% higher rewards through ZEBEDEE.

By ZEBEDEE   •   2 months ago

Solitaire by VIKER isn’t just another clone of the classic single-player card game. Well, the gameplay is exactly like you’ve come to know and love it, but, with the help of some ZEBEDEE magic, you now get paid real money as you play! Offering players rewards for picking their game has been VIKER’s business model from the get go, and with Solitaire, they’ve again shown how successful and popular that can make a game.

To celebrate with our friends at VIKER, we’re running a month-long promotional campaign with Solitaire rewards boosted up to 15%! Why ever choose any other version of Solitaire again? Try it now, or read on to see what you stand to gain from playing Solitaire by VIKER.

🃏 Play Solitaire that pays real money

  • Play Solitaire by VIKER (Android and iOS)
  • Earn real Bitcoin simply for playing
  • Collect up to 15% boosted rewards during our promotional period
  • Withdraw to ZEBEDEE and spend as you see fit

Jump on the Solitaire bandwagon

Having been bundled with Windows OS for decades, it’s fair to say that Solitaire has been one of the most popular casual computer games of all time. But lately, the popularity of this all-time classic has been waning in light of the over-saturation of casual mobile games on the market. It needed something new, something fresh to bring it back to its prime. That something is rewarding players with real money simply for playing. And that’s exactly what VIKER has done.

When it boils down to basics, VIKER’s idea for making popular games is quite simple: take a game that players already know and love and give it some much-needed freshening-up in the form of Bitcoin rewards. These rewards are handed out to players for free, no questions asked. Solitaire is built on this exact principle. You simply play the game and collect a little bit of Bitcoin as you go along. That Bitcoin can then be funneled to your ZEBEDEE app, where you can save up winnings from multiple games and spend them to buy actual useful stuff in ZEBEDEE’s huge gift card selection.

Play now to get boosted rewards

To celebrate the success of Solitaire, we’re running a month-long promotional campaign together with our friends at VIKER. We started with a special Solitaire ZBD Quest on our Twitter @ZBD_Play, and after we crushed that challenge, we’re following up by giving all Solitaire players special prizes for the rest of the month!

This week, from 6 February to 12 February, we’re matching all rewards you get in Solitaire with a 15% bonus, meaning that whenever you collect your winnings to ZEBEDEE, you’ll get another extra deposit worth 15% of what you’ve earned. This is more free money on top of money that’s already free.

💰 Earn 15% more in Solitaire

  • From 6 February to 12 February, all rewards in Solitaire are boosted by 15%!
Solitaire by VIKER – ZBD Quest 15% bonus.
Take part in our Solitaire Quest and earn up to 15% more in Solitaire.

Master the game with these tricks

To help you rule the game, we’re compiling a short list of simple, yet effective strategies. If you’re just diving into Solitaire, these 5 tips will help you increase your winning chances by a huge margin. But if you’re a long-time player, you probably know them all… Or do you? Maybe you’ve been missing a simple trick all along?

  1. Your first move should be drawing a card from the deck
    You should always try to reveal as many cards as you can freely. Revealing another card as the first move of the game is a no-brainer, since you can’t go wrong with it, and it gives you another chance to play the optimal move.
  2. No need to leave an empty space if you don’t have a king
    If you don’t have a king that you can move to an empty space, there’s no point in clearing it. When you have a king in your line of sight and a good plan to get to it, then it’s time to act.
  3. Place your kings wisely
    When choosing a king to move, try to think a few turns ahead so you can stack cards on top of it easily. Getting all the black-and-red combinations right can be tricky, so it’s worth taking a couple of seconds to consider your next move.
  4. Move cards from the column with the most hidden cards
    In most cases, clearing out large columns should be your priority. So, when you have more than one option to move a card, try to focus on the one covering more face-down cards. But be careful, as in some scenarios, opening a place for a new column may actually allow you to play better moves and clear the game more easily.
  5. Don’t always build ace stacks
    Building ace stacks is the goal of the game, but if you don’t do it at the right moment, it may give you a headache – sometimes you’ll need the card you’ve put on an ace stack for the color combinations in your piles. That said, cards like aces and twos on the ace stacks shouldn’t be a problem.
Solitaire by VIKER – ZEBEDEE hints and tricks.
It's not trial and error – it's methodical strategy.

Earn real rewards as you pass the time

When you get paid for playing Solitaire, why choose any other version? Try it now and score extra money during our promotional campaign. The 15% reward matching only lasts until 12 February, and then who knows if we’ll give you more options to score free money… We just may, but don’t tell anyone 🤫

This post was updated in March 2023.

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