SaruTobi – Swing through the jungle to earn Bitcoin

A casual mobile game where you fling a little monkey dude through a jungle to collect some bananas (and Bitcoin!).

By ZEBEDEE   •   4 months ago

SaruTobi is a casual mobile game where the goal is to fling a little monkey through a jungle as far as possible. On the way, you collect upgrades, boosts, bananas (Tobi likes those!) and real Bitcoin. Practice your swing, get the best gear and fly to new records. Available for Android and iOS.

🍌 Play SaruTobi and earn Bitcoin

  • Casual mobile game available for Android and iOS
  • Swing a monkey through the jungle and pick up powerups and Bitcoin
  • Take part in SaruTobi Saturday challenges on @ZBD_Play

Swing to success

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This post was updated in March 2023.

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