How to join MintGox tournaments

How to join MintGox tournaments


MintGox tournaments offer millions of Sats in prizes

Each month at MintGox, we organize a number of tournaments where you can play the best Bitcoin games for free and compete for millions of Satoshis in prizes. Play in fun events or test yourself versus the best in highly-competitive esports and take home prizes in the best form of money. No entry fee or hidden expenses, just raw gaming and pure Bitcoin.

What is MintGox?
MintGox, or Magic Internet Gathering to call it by its full name, is a monthly esports event focused on Bitcoin gaming, organized by ZEBEDEE. Here, Bitcoin gaming enthusiasts gather to play Bitcoin games and win real Bitcoin for free, tune into the coverage of events by the people behind the games and get a sneak peek into what the future of Bitcoin gaming has in store.

Join the MintGox experience

The best way to dive into MintGox is tune into the live stream on Twitch. There you can watch live coverage of the event and jump straight into any game you like. Chat it out with the community and play Bitcoin games for fun to get a feel for them – with no stakes or pressure. If you then fancy a match where you can show your skills, join one of the featured tournaments for a chance to win huge Bitcoin prizes.

How to compete at MintGox?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
CS:GO has been one of the most popular esports in recent years, and now it gets even better with real Bitcoin added into the game.

For a chance to show your skills in CS:GO at MintGox, you just need to enter the password to join the tournament server. The password is published live on stream during MintGox, so it’s just a matter of first come first serve(r)d.

Bitcoin Rally
Bitcoin Rally is an arcade desktop racing game inspired by Mario Kart. Outdrive your competition or use powerups to make your way to the podium.

To join the race, you first need to qualify on Saturday, one day before MintGox. Here you compete against other pretenders to secure your place on the grid for Sunday’s race. There are only 24 spots available on Sunday, so you gotta go fast!

Mobile games
There are lots of fun mobile games also featured at MintGox. Fling a little monkey towards some bananas (and Bitcoin!) in SaruTobi, bounce a coin across the blockchain in Bitcoin Bounce, speed into the sunset and around obstacles in Turbo 84, and many more...

There are no restrictions or requirements for these games. Simply fire them up and join the party! Top players will win large tournament prizes, but anyone who plays these games will earn at least a little Bitcoin, so we're all winners anyway!

MintGox – Play for fun or compete for Bitcoin.

How to pocket the money?

The best thing about Bitcoin games that run on ZEBEDEE tech is that the in-game actions that affect your Bitcoin balance happen in real time. This means that when you pass the checkered flag in Bitcoin Rally or take out an opponent in CS:GO, your in-game balance immediately syncs with your wallet (get yours here). Take your winnings right after the match and use them anywhere in the ecosystem, or keep them for later – they may come in handy in another Bitcoin game.

Join us at the next MintGox to see full servers, a vibrant community and lots of lots of opportunities to score real Bitcoin. See you there!