Match Time – Show your skills in CS:GO

Join Match Time to play CS:GO for free and earn real Bitcoin on ZBD Infuse.

By ZEBEDEE   •   5 months ago

Twice a week, players in CS:GO gather to show who’s best and earn some free Bitcoin rewards at the same time. It’s called Match Time and it takes place each Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM UTC. Join sponsored servers on ZBD Infuse free of charge and test your skills against the best.

⚔️ Match Time key info:

  • Play CS:GO for Bitcoin with ZBD Infuse
  • Every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM UTC
  • Join sponsored servers free of charge
  • Win real Bitcoin

Remember, there are free-to-play CS:GO servers on ZBD Infuse every day, so if you want to practice (and earn some Bitcoin), there is no better place.

For more info on Match Time and an eager pool of sparring partners, visit the #cs-go channel on ZBD Discord. If you’re not on our Discord yet, now is the time!

What is CS:GO on ZBD Infuse?

ZBD Infuse is a desktop games launcher that we made to introduce Bitcoin to existing popular games. With Infuse, you can now play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and have your in-game score be actual Bitcoin. Play hard, score good hits, collect coin drops and take home as much Bitcoin as you can. Download Infuse for desktop, log in with your Steam account and withdraw the Bitcoin you win to your ZEBEDEE app at any time!

This post was updated in March 2023.

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