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Infuse is a desktop app that functions as a launcher for the games that we’ve modified by adding Bitcoin. Jump into CS:GO, earn Bitcoin by outplaying the competition and withdraw your winnings at any time!

By ZEBEDEE   •   2 years ago
Get free Bitcoin by playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Our team features some of the first pioneers in Bitcoin gaming that have been at this since 2013. Along the way, we’ve learned one thing: the problem isn’t finding awesome ways to put Bitcoin in games, it’s how to make games people actually want to play. The gaming space is extremely competitive, and it’s not exactly easy to just go out and create the next CS:GO and get millions of people to play it. Luckily, we don’t have to.

What is ZBD Infuse?

ZBD Infuse is a desktop app that functions as a launcher for existing games that we’ve modified by adding Bitcoin. We’re talking popular and well-established games that we’ve been playing long before the Lightning Network came about. We’re sprinkling the gameplay with free Bitcoin to show that gaming with Bitcoin is not only possible, but actually a ton of fun. For now, we've started with just one “Infused” game – Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

How does ZBD Infuse work?

ZBD Infuse works by taking data from the game and attaching Bitcoin to in-game scores and events. We also modify the games slightly, so that Bitcoin transactions become a part of gameplay in some way, but the core game remains exactly the same. It's like overlaying Bitcoin on top of an existing game.

Bitcoin in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

To see what changes when you add Bitcoin to a game, let’s take a look at our prime Infused example: CS:GO. When you launch the ZBD Infuse app and want to join a server, you need to pay a small entry fee (around 500 Sats or like a quarter in an arcade machine). The fees from all entrants are then collected in the prize pool.

Don't worry if you don't have any Bitcoin to spend, we're always running a couple of sponsored servers thanks to some awesome companies in the Bitcoin space, so you can join for free and still take home the rewards you earn.

CS:GO servers – join sponsored servers for free
Join any of the sponsored servers free of charge.

What changes with Bitcoin in CS:GO?

The primary thing that changes in the game is your score. While before, your score was just a stat, it is now tied directly to Bitcoin. Watch as it grows as you outplay the competition or falls if you get owned by someone else. And this all happens in real time, with no waiting or delays.

To show that you can also modify the game in more creative ways, we’ve added another little thing to one of the Infused game modes in CS:GO (that we call Survival mode). When someone dies, a coin will spawn at that location. Not just a trinket, but real money. You can run over and collect the reward, but will you risk it if it’s in a wide open area? Someone else may have their eyes set on the same prize…

Collect your winnings with the ZEBEDEE app

When you’ve tallied up a nice score and collected some winnings, you can withdraw them from the game to the ZEBEDEE app. The Bitcoin reaches your app instantly and you can then spend it on whatever you want (some ideas)! That's Play to Earn the ZEBEDEE way.

When you tie in-game score with a currency that has value in the real world, the stakes suddenly get a lot higher. Earning money by playing games is great, but, from our perspective, the main point is to have skin in the game. Because winning or losing money in real-time as a direct consequence of how well you’re playing takes the passion and drive of competitive gaming to a whole new level. Join our weekly Match Time events every Friday (more info on Twitter at ZBD_Play) and try it out for yourself!

This post was updated in May 2023.

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