How to join the ZEBEDEE community

Find other Bitcoin gamers to connect to and play with. You’ll have lots of chances to earn sats along the way!

By ZEBEDEE   •   a year ago

Are you looking for some new friends you can play the ZEBEDEE-powered games with? The ZEBEDEE community is happy to welcome you and show you around the ZEBEDEE universe. You’ll not only meet like-minded gamers and get the best inside information about Bitcoin gaming, but you’ll also earn tons of sats along the way. So, where and how can you join the party?


  • Join ZBD Discord
  • Connect with the community and earn lots of opportunities to earn free sats
  • Follow us on Twitter @ZBD_Play
  • Never miss hot news, updates and fun new games you can play for Bitcoin

ZBD Discord

It’s a hub of like-minded people having fun and driving the Bitcoin gaming revolution forward. You’ll find gamers from all over the world chatting about their experience playing ZEBEDEE-powered games. When you become part of our Discord community, our weekly challenges are no longer single-player, but group efforts. Work together with the community, and all of you will earn boosted rewards. And to top it all up, you’ll get your fill of the freshest Bitcoin gaming and crypto memes.

By joining, you’ll also be the first to know when there are new games or updates at ZEBEDEE. And we always make sure you’re rewarded for being active. For example, when you become a member, make sure you visit the welcome-sats channel and follow a few simple steps in the pinned post. Just for that, we’ll send you a welcome gift – 50 free sats! Another easy way to fill the wallet in your ZEBEDEE app is by inviting your friends to join our community. Visit the invite-friends channel and get 200 sats for each new member you bring.

Stacking sats is literally as easy as chatting.
Discord bots with Bitcoin

Send Bitcoin in chat with ZBD Bots

You may notice some funny looking messages like z rain 100 50 or z tip 10 10 in our Discord channels. These are not secret codes but commands for ZBD Bots. They enable you to easily send Bitcoin in the Discord channel with a few one-liner commands. If you want to tip someone for a funny meme or rain some sats on other community members, connect your Discord account to the ZEBEDEE app and let the Bitcoin magic happen. It works the other way around too, so you can also collect tips from other members.

ZBD Play Twitter

Playing games is more thrilling when you’re trying to achieve a specific goal. But unlike traditional esports, where only the best get paid, ZEBEDEE-powered games let everyone get some sweet Bitcoin. To promote this spirit of cooperation, we have a special thing going on at our Twitter account @ZBD_Play.

Complete Quests and boost rewards

Each week, we post unique challenges called ZBD Quests. We give our entire community the chance to get increased rewards by working together. If you guys complete the Quest, we increase rewards in ZBD mobile games next week. So, this is literally more free Bitcoin on top of existing free Bitcoin. Along with ZBD Quests, you’ll also get the latest schedules for Match Time for Infused-CS:GO and other events you can participate in, so make sure to check the page regularly.

Complete ZBD Quests

You don’t need the ZEBEDEE app to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter. But you’ll need it to withdraw your earnings and get your rewards. It’s the only wallet that will get you extra tips, so make sure you enter your Gamertag when playing.

This post was updated in March 2023.

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