Get your game on MintGox

Get your game on MintGox


At ZEBEDEE, we're huge fans of exciting new games and innovative mechanics. Each month, we feature some of the most promising new titles on MintGox, our Bitcoin gaming esports event. We're always on the lookout for new games we can play, discuss and share with our audience.

Do you think it's a crime we're not showcasing your favorite game? So do we! Share it with us and we'll try to squeeze it in!

What is MintGox?
MintGox, or Magic Internet Gathering to call it by its full name, is a monthly esports event focused on Bitcoin gaming, organized by ZEBEDEE. Here, Bitcoin gaming enthusiasts gather to play Bitcoin games and win huge prizes in real money, tune into the coverage of events by the people behind the games and get a sneak peek into what the future of Bitcoin gaming has in store.

Spotlighting Bitcoin games

One of the most exciting aspects of MintGox is seeing all the new games that have emerged from the creative minds of developers around the world. Whether still just in the concept phase or under construction, or already fully fleshed-out and playable, it’s always great to see what clever mechanics, innovative ideas and engaging gameplay new games bring to the table.

Here are a couple of games that we’ve already spotlighted at MintGox:

Bitcoin Bounce by THNDR Games
Bitcoin Bounce is a side-scrolling platformer where you tap to bounce a Bitcoin across a virtual blockchain and compete for the right to enter into jackpots. Enter THNDR Games.

SaruTobi by MandelDuck Studios
An 8-bit inspired game where you swing a monkey on a vine and hurl him towards his favorite things: bananas. You might get something out of it too, since there's also some Bitcoin growing in the jungle. Tobi doesn't care about that, though. Check out MandelDuck.

Wheel of Trivia by Viker
If you're a fan of trivia and want to put your knowledge to the test, Wheel of Trivia has got you covered. Spin the wheel free of charge, go full Einstein on the answers and seize your chance to win hot Bitcoin prizes. Visit Viker.

Bitcoin Bounce, SaruTobi, Wheel of Trivia
Bitcoin games let you exercise both your fingers and gray cells.

See your game on stream

If you know a game we shouldn't miss or you want to get your own game featured, reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to showcase it at a future MintGox! Until then, visit us at the next event and see what it's all about.