Which is your favorite CS:GO map?

Get to know which CS:GO maps our community loves to play the most with the ZBD Infuse. Try it for yourself and earn real Bitcoin.

By ZEBEDEE   •   a year ago

If you mention maps to non-gamers, their first thought is probably Google Maps. But in the gaming community, everyone knows exactly what maps are. If you’ve ever played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can probably recognize the importance of maps as they’re crucial for your strategy and gameplay. Professional players need to know every last pixel of them. But if you have never seen them before, this is an opportunity for you to grab some helpful information before rushing in.

So, we've asked our Discord community, which CS:GO map on ZBD Infuse is their favorite.

Here are the results:

  1. Hell
  2. Mirage
  3. Dust2
  4. Cobble & Nuke
  5. Inferno

The community's 1st choice is Hell

There is no surprise that Hell is the most popular  CS:GO map with the ZBD Infuse, as it was created especially for ZEBEDEE gamers. It's a community-made map that many of our gamers like to play to get Bitcoin rewards. Although this traditional village doesn’t look like hell, it provides one hell of a game with tons of action.

Your favorite one is de_hell.

It's truly a unique map, small, but evenly balanced for both sides. Wide streets give the CT-side (Counter-Terrorists) enough space to quickly detect their opponents. The T-side (Terrorists) likes to hide inside houses and crawl their way to the bombsite areas through there. Because the map is so small, it offers players many opportunities for close combat battles.

Small but tricky CS:GO map Hell.

You also love Mirage

Probably because it’s one of the most straightforward maps in CS:GO. Mirage is Valve’s original map that draws inspiration from the Middle East and vaguely resembles Morocco. Both bombsite areas are large with relatively few props, so the terrorists don’t have much space to hide before entering the areas. The Counter-Terrorists have an easy job defending the sites and mid from far away. Especially the A site gives them a great opportunity for sniping incoming enemies.

A site in CS:GO map de_mirage.

A big part of Mirage’s popularity is the fact that it’s been around since the game concept was invented. It’s also a very undemanding map, so it doesn’t lag. But the most significant part is that it is effectively balanced between the offensive and the defensive side, allowing players of all play styles to have fun and have equal opportunities to win some Bitcoin.

Overview of Mirage.

Globally most loved map is Dust 2

Dust 2 has changed a lot in the past few years, but its popularity keeps growing. It’s strategically designed to allow players to choose different tactics every time. You can either traverse through the pathways with ease or decide on infiltration. The areas with the highest amounts of conflict include the middle, tunnels, the side and the bombsites.

Do you recognize de_dust2?

Community voters said it's a map that offers a bunch of opportunities for both close combat and ranged fights. Snipers are very common in the wider sections of the map. Obstacles are rare and there are no places to hide. The map is commonly referred to as the most balanced map in the game. However, its layout doesn't offer anything unique.

Well, unless you have the ZBD Infuse, then there are Sats lying around for you to pick up and safely store them in your ZEBEDEE app.

Overview of Dust 2.

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This post was updated in March 2023.

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