How to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Bitcoin

Enter CS:GO with Bitcoin and earn real money while playing.

By ZEBEDEE   •   a year ago

We at ZEBEDEE feel that a lot of AAA titles could really benefit from the gameplay being spiced a little bit with real value. That’s why we’ve developed ZBD Infuse, a desktop app that brings Bitcoin into existing popular games. Our first demo of what Bitcoin can do is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Click below to download ZBD Infuse and start playing immediately, or read on to find out why you should.

Did you know that we’re running a couple of sponsored servers that you can always join for free? 💸

Bitcoin in Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a highly-competitive FPS that has been the staple of the genre for a long time, and we felt we could freshen it up a little bit. With ZBD Infuse, your game score now directly translates to Bitcoin, so you have an added incentive to outplay your competition. When you’re done wreaking havoc for the day, you can always log out and immediately withdraw your earnings up to that point to the ZEBEDEE app (or click here to read more about our app).

How does it work?

Playing CS:GO for Bitcoin is like a walk in de_dust2.

  1. Install ZBD Infuse
  2. Log in with your Steam account
  3. Choose a server and start playing

Basically, every server you join has an entry fee, which then gets tallied up and rewarded to the players who score the heaviest, with each game mode having its own unique rules. You can pay the entry fee by scanning the server’s QR code with the ZEBEDEE app (if you’ve got the browser extension, simply click on it, and the extension will handle the transaction).

If you don’t have any sats yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’re always running a couple of sponsored servers, where a number of forward-thinking companies actually pay you to play. How awesome is that?

Infuse server list
Choose a server or join a sponsored one free of charge.

Earn Bitcoin in a variety of game modes

Infused CS:GO gives you a lot of opportunities to score real Bitcoin. Pick any server on ZBD Infuse, choose a game mode that best suits your playing style and get scoring.

In Deathmatch mode, you pay an entry fee that gets added to the total prize pool, then play a single intense match with live Bitcoin and earn a share of the prize pool based on your percentage of the total score.

In Survival mode, your sats are your life. When you score, you get extra life. When you die, you lose some life. If you run out of sats, you get kicked from the server. Collect in-game coins worth real Bitcoin for a bonus!

In Competitive mode, two teams fight it out in a classic 5v5 match with plant the bomb and no respawns until the round is over. Win in a best of 30 rounds to collect the entire prize pot at the end.

Bring your most skilled and reliable playmates and duke it out in a 3v3 on a small and compact map. Cover each other's back and take out the opposition over 9 out of 16 rounds to score a victory and earn Bitcoin rewards.
Play CS:GO for Bitcoin.

Join our events

We’re running weekly Match Time events (every Tuesday and Friday), where you can participate in highly-skilled competitive matches or opt for some more relaxing games on beginner-friendly servers. Follow @ZBD_Play on Twitter to be notified about Match Time and be ready to strike whenever it’s on.

ZEBEDEE Infuse, ZEBEDEE Wallet and ZEBEDEE Discord
Find full servers, a vibrant community and a lot of free Bitcoin at our events.

The stakes have never been higher in CS:GO. Download ZBD Infuse to give it a go and join our weekly events to find full servers, tons of fun and free Bitcoin courtesy of our sponsors!

This post was updated in May 2023.

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