New game: Color Streak – Tap to bounce & earn Bitcoin

A new mobile game by VIKER lets you earn Bitcoin through simple and enjoyable gameplay.

By ZEBEDEE   •   6 months ago

There's a new Bitcoin game in town! Color Streak by VIKER Studios shows it’s the simplicity of the game that sometimes takes the cake. And since the game is integrated with ZEBEDEE, that also makes it extremely easy to earn Bitcoin!

Give it a go now, or read on to find out more about the game.

🟡 🟣 🔴 Color Streak 101 🔵 🟢 ⚪

  • Bounce the ball by tapping
  • Smash objects of the same color as your ball
  • Avoid objects of different colors than your ball
  • Build your streak every day and earn Bitcoin!

Easiest controls, rewarding gameplay

Probably the best thing about Color Streak is how easy it is to start playing. With just a simple tap being all you need to do to keep your ball in the air, anyone can get the hang of it in just a couple of seconds. No tutorial, guides or instructions of any kind are required.

The gameplay is also really intuitive. All you need to do is use your ball to hit objects of the same color. When you hit an object, your ball’s color changes and you can hit a different one. If you bounce into the wrong one or and obstacle, you’ll be sent back to your last checkpoint.

As you build a streak, the stages get increasingly more difficult and your timing needs to be spot on to bounce your ball around the obstacles and hit the right-colored objects to progress. Timing the tap is key, and a very rewarding skill to master.

Color Streak – Gameplay and building a streak
Color Streak is easy to get a grip on, and rewarding to master.

Build a streak and earn Bitcoin

Once you reach a checkpoint, you’ll earn some Bitcoin for your efforts. When you gather at least 30 sats, you can withdraw to your ZEBEDEE app by tapping your balance on the top right of the game screen. All you need to do is input your ZBD Gamertag and your Bitcoin gets transferred – immediately (how is this possible?).

Color Streak – Play and Earn Bitcoin
When you earn some Bitcoin, you can withdraw it to ZEBEDEE.

If you’ve read this far, you’re more than ready to start your own Color Streak. Download the game on Google Play or in the App Store or simply fire up your ZEBEDEE app to find Color Streak and a number of other highly-addictive casual games where you can earn real Bitcoin.

This post was updated in March 2023.

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