ZBD Browser Extension –  Bitcoin Lightning on your desktop

ZBD Browser Extension – Bitcoin Lightning on your desktop


Browser extension brings Bitcoin to within one click’s reach

Our aim at ZEBEDEE is to intertwine Bitcoin with gaming in a completely seamless way. Collecting Bitcoin rewards in games, sending Sats to your friends or tipping a streamer should feel like part of the gaming experience, not like waiting in a queue in front of an ATM. That’s why we’ve made a Lightning wallet designed specifically with gamers in mind. And now, we’re upgrading our wallet with new functionality that makes sending Bitcoin around even easier than before – a browser extension!

What is the browser extension?

Our browser extension is a little program for your favorite browser (currently available for Firefox and Chrome) that brings the ZBD Wallet from mobile straight to your desktop. It usually stays dormant in the corner of your browser, but pops right into action when it’s time to send Bitcoin around.

You can send and receive Bitcoin with it just as quickly as with the app itself (that’s instantly, you know). But now, you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to get money flowing. Simply click on any Lightning QR code, and the extension window will pop up to handle the transaction.

You can even take it out of your browser! Open the extension and it will appear as a separate window that you can drag along with you anywhere, whether that’s Bitcoin-powered games such as CS:GO or Bitcoin Rally, or your favorite Discord community.

Bitcoin within one click's reach

Install and pair the extension with your ZBD Wallet

Before you can use the extension, you have to pair it with your ZBD Wallet, so the app knows who to send money to when somebody tips you for your latest pro gamer move (and vice versa). Pairing is a piece of cake. Just install the extension and scan the QR code it shows you with your ZBD Wallet.

Now you have access to Bitcoin at every step of your gaming journey, in as few steps as possible. Give it a go and see what the future of gaming has in store for you!