ZBD Bots for Discord & Telegram

ZBD Bots for Discord & Telegram


Sending and receiving Bitcoin is now as easy as texting

The gaming community extends way beyond the time we spend in games. We at ZEBEDEE want to make sure you’ve got easy and instant payment options ready at hand at every step of your gaming journey. That’s why we’ve built bots for Discord and Telegram that make transacting in Bitcoin literally as easy as sending a text!

“It’s been said that sending money over the internet should be as simple as sending a text message. Now it is.”

What do ZBD Bots do?

With ZBD Bots, you can send Bitcoin to any user (even if they don't have a ZEBEDEE Wallet yet, more on that below), tip an awesome comment or reward a hilarious meme – all with the money you’ve just earned in your favorite game.

But why should I bother with the Bots, I already have the ZBD Wallet and can send Sats to anyone using their Gamertag, I hear you ask. Well, because the Bots are incredibly simple to integrate in your server and use with zero effort. With the Bots, you don’t even have to look away from the chat when you want to transact with another user. Just type any of the one-liner commands, and let the conversation flow on – the funds are transferred immediately!

Another cool thing about the Bots is that the receiver doesn’t even need to have a ZBD Wallet! The Sats you send will be waiting for them in a limbo state until they install the wallet.

Spice up your chat room with real value

How do I add the Bots to my server?

To add the Bots to your Discord or Telegram server, head over to our Bots page, select the program you want to add the Bots to and authorize the action (you can only do that for your servers). Then type z login in your server to pair the Bot with your wallet. A QR code will pop up – scan it with your ZBD Wallet, and that’s it, you’re all set to go!

You can also add a Z Bot to your server with the z addtoserver command. Simply type the command in any community with a Z Bot to copy over a Bot to a server of your own.

What can I do with ZBD Bots?

Send and receive Bitcoin

z send <amount> @username [<comment>]
Send any user Sats in real time. You can also add a comment if you like.

z tip <amount> [<comment>]
Like what someone has said? Tip their message.

z rain <amount> <n> [<comment>]
Make it rain Bitcoin in the community by giving the last n people who wrote a message a handful of Sats.

z invoice <amount> [<description>] [--expiry=<minutes>]
Owned someone and want payment? Request it with an invoice. You’ve got to input an amount of Sats, and you can add a description and expiry if you want. You’ll be notified when they pay up.

z pay <request>
A standard Lighting invoice. You can also just paste the request directly without typing any command and it will be handled. The same applies for withdraw requests.

Check your info and history or add a Bot to a server

z me
Shows information about yourself, your Gamertag and public pay code. If you send it via DM it also shows your balance.

z history
Displays the history of your transactions.

z addtoserver
Copy a Z Bot over to one of your own communities straight from the chatroom. No extra steps.

z login
Shows a QR code you can scan with your ZEBEDEE Wallet to pair it with the Bot.

z help
If you ever forget a command, z help lists all the commands you need to know – ez.

That’s literally everything you need to know! Transacting is now as simple as sending an emoji, except even cooler, since you have real value at the tip of your fingers! With Bitcoin in your chat, you can literally make money online just by being an awesome community member!