New games: Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch by VIKER

Two classic games by VIKER with a Bitcoin twist. Play Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch and earn real money.

By ZEBEDEE   •   5 months ago

When you want to play an all-time classic game, something like chess, you’re always faced with the same problem: which version will you pick? There are usually dozens, sometimes hundreds, of releases, all looking pretty much the same. We can make your choice easier. Pick the one that rewards you with real money simply for playing.

In the newest pair of releases, our friends at VIKER bring you two super-recognizable games where you can do exactly that: Play and Earn. Pick Bitcoin Chess (iOS and Android) to deploy methodical strategy and take over the board, or, if you’re feeling lucky, opt for Bitcoin Scratch (iOS and Android) and see if your scratch cards hold a jackpot. In either case, you’ll be earning free money, no questions asked.

Rewarded gaming in Chess and Scratch

  • Two new games with a fresh spin by VIKER
  • Bitcoin Chess – The all-time classic strategy game that now pays out Bitcoin (iOS and Android)
  • Bitcoin Scratch – Receive packs of scratch cards and earn Bitcoin if you score combos (iOS and Android)

What are Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch?

Everyone and their grandma has heard of chess, but no one so far has been able to play it and earn a little bit of Bitcoin for doing so. Sure, you can whip out a real chess board and head to real-life tournaments to try your hand at beating a Grand Master or two to earn some cash… But if you only want to play the game casually, picking a version you can play on your phone probably sounds easier. Rewards, however, remain. That’s Bitcoin Chess by VIKER in a nutshell.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling like this is your lucky day, Bitcoin Scratch may be more down your alley. Instead of masterminding the game like in chess, here you can leave it up to chance. Draw a hand of scratch cards and score the right combos to win. If the goddess Fortuna is at your side today, you’ll be rewarded with real Bitcoin.

Are you smart or lucky? Or both? Prove it in Bitcoin Chess or Bitcoin Scratch!

How is it possible that games give out Bitcoin for free?

We get asked how come ZEBEDEE-powered games (like Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch) can actually reward you with Bitcoin? It all boils down to two things: a sustainable revenue model and a cutting-edge technological backbone. Big words, we know, but it’s really quite simple. Here’s what it basically means.

ZEBEDEE and VIKER have been partners for a long time, publishing 10 games together so far. In that time, the games’ studio developed a revenue model that allows them to split whatever money they earn from ads between themselves and the players of their games. And that’s key. When advertisers want to sell you a product, they’re actually requesting some attention from you. If they pay you a little bit of money for the time you spend watching their ad, you’re more likely not to skip it. And VIKER allows them to do that, leaving everyone involved happier.

But this wouldn’t have been possible without the right technology. This is where ZEBEDEE comes in. With our Bitcoin-based Lightning Network payment technology, we allow anyone to send any amount of money (even as small as one sat) anywhere in the world, extremely fast and extremely cheaply. This simply isn’t possible with traditional payment systems using regular money such as USD or EUR.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about anything in the background. You don’t have to study about Bitcoin and blockchain and all that technical mumbo jumbo, or concern yourself with how the game publisher funds your rewards… When you play, you get money – and it’s automatically stored in your ZEBEDEE app. And when you want to spend it, you can choose from among thousands of options right within ZEBEDEE. Simply play, earn and shop.

Satoshi's Top Tip
You can literally spend the points you earn in game to buy stuff with the ZEBEDEE app.

Play Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch and earn real money with ZEBEDEE.
Play Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch and earn real money.

Rewarded gaming rewards players with more than money

Even though players earn some Bitcoin when playing games like Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, that’s not really the main reason that makes these releases attractive. Bitcoin rewards aren’t about earning tons of money, but creating a more interesting and fun experience. Earning even a little bit of money for activities that usually don’t pay out anything simply feels great, regardless of the amount. And when you get a game like chess, which you can play virtually anywhere, who wouldn’t pick a version that also rewards you with real money?

You can give it a go yourself and see what we’re talking about. Fire up Bitcoin Chess or Bitcoin Scratch, or pick from numerous other games in ZEBEDEE that also reward you in Bitcoin. All you need to start is the ZEBEDEE app. It’s free, simple to use and the one tool you need to enjoy rewarded gaming to its fullest.

This post was updated in May 2023.

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