ZBD Ambassador Program

Introducing the Ambassador Program! Climb the ranks within our community by spreading the word about ZBD products, games and the community. Get Bitcoin for free.

By ZEBEDEE   •   2 years ago

Everything you need to know about the ZBD Ambassador Program

Our community of gamers and Bitcoin enthusiasts has always shown great support and enthusiasm for what we do here at ZEBEDEE. If you’re as excited about Bitcoin-powered gaming as we are and would like to be more involved in our story or earn some sats, we’ve got just the thing for you.

The Ambassador Program is a simple way to climb the ranks within our community by spreading the word about ZBD products, games and the community. If you think you have what it takes, click below to apply, or read on to find out more about the program.


  • Become part of ZEBEDEE’s core community and help us expand the ecosystem
  • Use your skills, social network and streaming channels to spread the word about Bitcoin gaming and earn free Bitcoin
  • Earn the official title of “Ambassador” and get in for a chance of sweet rewards

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

An Ambassador can be anyone who is passionate about what we do here at ZEBEDEE and shares our vision for a bright future for Bitcoin gaming. You simply take everything that is awesome about ZBD products, games and community, and spread the word around it elsewhere – on social networks, streaming channels, content platforms and other communities. Stream ZBD games, highlight ZBD products with custom-made content or use your skills and imagination to bring ZEBEDEE closer to the public in your own creative ways.

Check out the content of some of out most loyal Ambassadors, like Barr4k, who has been with us nearly for as long as we’ve existed, or Lukao150, a streamer with true enthusiasm.

The perks of being a ZBD Ambassador

When you step on board, you’ll first get the official title of ZBD Ambassador in our Discord which you can flash around for extra community points. You’ll also get access to a couple of locked-off channels in Discord where you’ll be able to get general information and updates about the Ambassador program and sync with other Ambassadors and the ZEBEDEE team. Finally, we’ll be handing out free Bitcoin tips to your ZEBEDEE app when you perform certain tasks and take part in Ambassador challenges.

ZEBEDEE Ambassadors spreading the work around the net
Carry your Ambassador swag and spread the word around the net.

What can you do as a ZBD Ambassador?

As a ZBD Ambassador, you’ll get access to a number of tasks and be able to participate in Ambassador challenges. Here’s a quick look at what Ambassadors get to do:

Pick up an ongoing task and get tipped

Ongoing tasks are Ambassador jobs that are available at all times. Ranging from creating content about ZEBEDEE and publishing it on specific networks to engaging a community in a livestream. Choose whichever tickles your fancy from the list below and deliver at any time.

  • Showcase sending your friend sats, from ZEBEDEE app to ZEBEDEE app. Publish a short video on Twitter.
  • Showcase Infused CS:GO gameplay. Publish on YouTube/Twitter/TikTok.
  • Record a video of a tip using ZBD Discord Bots. Publish on YouTube/Twitter/TikTok.
  • Record a video of tipping on Twitter. Publish on YouTube/Twitter/TikTok.
  • Record a video of a ZBD game (SaruTobi, Bitcoin Rally or CS:GO).
  • Livestream Infused CS:GO on Twitch or YouTube.
  • Create a tutorial for any ZBD product (app, Infuse etc.).

Each task you perform is weighed with a certain amount of sats (for the entire list, see the Ambassadors channel in Discord). You get Bitcoin when you submit a completed task. On top of that, you get a bonus based on how well your content is performing. The more views and clicks, the higher the stash of sats.

Compete in weekly challenges

These tasks are focused on the hottest ZBD products at any given time. New challenges are posted in the Ambassador channel in our Discord. Take part and deliver within the deadline to get free Bitcoin.

ZEBEDEE Ambassadors get tipped for their work.
Create content and collect tips from ZEBEDEE.

We're always open for new collaborations

Take this chance to step into bigger shoes and be part of the story ZEBEDEE is building around the globe. Let us know what you can bring to the table and we’d love to see how we can work with you. Don’t hesitate to apply – everyone with passion, drive and enthusiasm for ZEBEDEE and Bitcoin gaming is welcome!

This post was updated in May 2023.

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